10 Tips for REALTORS in the Midst of COVID-19

March 18, 2020

steve hundley ceo 1parkplace

Steve Hundley – CEO

During this strange COVID-19 scare, real estate professionals are finding their typical interactions with clients, prospects and referral sources entering unchartered waters.

But, if you think this disruption gives you a pass to put your business development and marketing activities on pause, think again.

Author Ray Davis has said, “a challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.”

Despite all the craziness that currently exists surrounding the coronavirus(COVID-19), I submit there are a host of sanitary and safe business development and marketing opportunities for savvy real estate professionals.

1 – Check in on your best contacts

Calling a list of 15 to 20 contacts to let them know you are thinking about them is a wonderful gesture; it will also keep you top of mind in the event they require your services. Take the opportunity to listen to them and to be a voice of reason and stability — no client wants to have to be the one to talk their trusted real estate adviser off the ledge.

2 – Increase your social media activity, especially Facebook & LinkedIn

Whether or not you are usually active on social media, there is no time like the present to increase your activity. From creating your own posts to liking or commenting on others’ posts, you can continue to stay at the forefront of your network by being visible to the masses online.

Most platforms, including Facebook & LinkedIn, allow you to track your progress through analytics. How many people are viewing your profile? How many are interacting with your posts? What topics are trending in your network? Want more endorsements on LinkedIn? Take the opportunity to endorse others and they will likely return the favor.

3 – Increase participation & join relevant Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Your participation within a controlled environment allows you to further demonstrate your expertise and insight within a particular topic or market area. Oftentimes, reporters will search these posts to identify experts to comment in their articles.

4 – Focus on relationship building

Seek out opportunities to make introductions between people in your network who may have complementary activities. In your introduction, provide enough information about each of the individuals that they appreciate the benefit and value of the introduction.

5 – Co-author articles with members of your network

If you like to write, suggest to a colleague, client, prospect or referral source a topic idea for collaboration. Working together on an article is a great way to take the relationship to the next level; it is also a good idea for increasing your profile among your co-authors’ network.

6 – Analyze the strength of your network

Spend some time combing through email, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and make a list of 15 to 20 contacts, prospects and/or professionals who have the potential of positively affecting your real estate practice. Then, figure out the next natural step in reaching out and reconnecting. Someone your contact knows may be the ultimate catch.

7 – Send checking-in emails

Similar to recommendation number one above, once you have identified a list of professionals in your network who have the potential to hire or refer you work, send them an email with the subject line, “checking in.” Emails should be brief and conversational. The objective is to get back on the contact’s radar — not to educate or sell them.

8 – Replace your drive-time with phone calls

As you work from home, take the time you used to be in the car to capitalize on the time by phoning individuals in your network who have gone dormant. On the best of days, you will get their voicemails! The point is to make sure they remember you exist.

9 – Revise and update your “digital Footprint”

Many of us get so busy in the field, we find our website, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and other social and digital platforms falling behind in updates. This is a great time to set up a plan and schedule to update your social profiles, blogs and website. Do your research on topics of interest and think about what your prospects and clients want to know, besides how great you are 😉

10 – Use this time to educate yourself more in a specific specialization

On average, real estate professionals with a specialization are growing their business annually by double digits. Promoting a specific specialization — for marketing purposes — is the fastest way to boost revenue. This may be an area specialization or a niche such as seniors, empty-nesters, investors, special interest groups and much more.

Finally, for activities currently calendared, convert them to digital meetings — do not cancel. There are numerous technology platforms and solutions that can supplement the interactions between you and your network.

Keep business moving forward as normally as possible by being proactive and creative with your outreach.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.


Steve Hundley, CEO

1parkplace, Inc.