Your AI Real Estate Colleague Is Here Meet Paisley

Introducing Paisley, the ultimate Real Estate AI. Experience the ChatGPT-Powered productivity booster and colleague for real estate professionals. With an intuitive chat interface and support for a wide range of tasks, Paisley is your all-in-one solution for generating marketing copy, writing blogs, creating neighborhood guides, and much more. Powered by best-in-class market data from TheGenie, Paisley is constantly learning and evolving to better serve your needs. Join the waitlist now to be the first to experience the future of real estate productivity with Paisley.

Listing Focus

Tired of sitting in front of your screen trying to come up with that Facebook ad for your listing? Take the analysis paralysis OUT of your workflows and generate everything you need to showcase your active, pending and sold properties!

Area Focus

Wish you could create area guides or pull area stats with the snap of your fingers? Well this is as close as it gets! Instantly generate any type of content focused on area statistics to show YOU are the expert!

Pre-Listing Focus

Have a property not on the MLS yet? Generate instant property descriptions using historical training data from previous descriptions.